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Hiking - Slovenia

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Hiking - Slovenia

Hiking Slovenia:

Hiking in Slovenia is very popular activity. Over a third of the country's territory lies within the Europe-wide network of Natura 2000 protected areas.

Direct contact with nature is possible even on the edges of cities. Even from the cities you can be on a hiking trail within a few minutes.

You can choose lighter walks through the valleys and hills, and the more challenging trails in the high mountains.

In Slovenia, there are 9.000 kilometers of marked trails, and over 5,000 km of marked hiking and theme trails and Nordic walking trails. Near walking trails are located 30 specialized hotels and other accommodation for hikers (cca. 176 mountain huts).

Most trails can be visited all year round, if you are properly equipped. Before leaving on a journey always ask about weather conditions.

On Hiking:
- Do not leave traces
- Use Guide (for more demanding routes in the mountains)

Routes are divided into
- The high mountains (paths at altitudes between 1500 and 2864 m above sea level).
- Highlands (paths at altitudes between 800 and 1500 meters above sea level.)
- The hills and lowlands (paths at altitudes up to 800 m above sea level).

Hiking depending on the type of walking divide on:

- hiking trails
In Slovenia we have more than 7.000 kilometers of well-marked trails. Slovenian mountains, which includes the Julian Alps, the Kamnik - Savinja Alps and Karavanke are best for visits from late spring till early autumn. In this period most of alpine huts are opened.

- Nordic walking
Considered one of the most effective, comprehensive, secure and accessible physical activity, which is suitable for people of all ages and fitness levels.

- Hiking theme trails
Thematic hiking trails include:

- Cultural - ethnographic routes (routes of cultural heritage, historic trails, pilgrimage routes and trails aimed at learning about wine and gastronomy)

- Routes on the theme of nature (natural heritage trails, forest learning paths and trails through protected areas)

- Sports - recreational trails (Nordic walking trails, walking trails, jogging paths and fitness trails)

- Interpretive trails
On learning paths may occur, plants and animals and traditional handicrafts. Slovenia has arranged for over a hundred different learning pathways, mainly taking place in the woods.

Hiking destinations in our offer

Julian Alps / Kranjska Gora and Gozd Martuljek

The Upper Sava River Valley, with Kranjska Gora, provides hikers with many possibilities. To the south, the valley is surrounded by the peaks of the Julian Alps, with the highest mountain in Slovenia, Triglav, 2,864m, with a magnificent north face; to the north by the wooded slopes of the Karavanke Alps, the most prominent being Kepa at 2,139m.

Kranjska Gora has 20 hiking trails for all abilities, ranging from easy and gentle (two hours, elevation gain 100m), moderate (three hours of walking, elevation gain 300m) and hard (four hours of walking, elevation gain 800m). The trails are marked and a detailed map with descriptions is available. In summer, a chair lift runs from Kranjska Gora to Vitranc, 1,578m. Vitranc affords a beautiful view of the Julian Alps and Triglav. It is also the starting point for hikes up the 1,746m-high Ciprnik. In cooperation with the Mountain Guide Association and the Alpine Association of Slovenia, we offer the possibility to hire mountain guides for different trips. Kranjska Gora also runs organised instructorled Nordic walking courses and rents out walking poles.

Above Kranjska Gora is the Vršič Pass, at 1,611 metres above sea level the highest road pass in Slovenia. It is located on the divide between the Adriatic and the Black Sea. Over the pass runs a road, which was constructed based on the ancient transport connection between the Upper Sava River Valley and the Trenta Valley. The road was built by Russian prisoners of war during WWI; the Russian chapel situated near the road leading from Kranjska Gora to Vršič is a monument to their work. The pass is a popular starting point for tackling the peaks Sleme, Mala Mojstrovka, Prisank, Jalovec and Razor.

In Kranjska Gora we recommend the following accommodation:
- Ramada Resort ex. Hotel Larix ****
- Ramada Hotels & Suites ex. Hotel Prisank ****
- Hotel Kompas ****
- Hotel Alpina ***
- apartmaji Vitranc ***
- hotel Špik ****/*** (gozd Martuljek)

Julian Alps / Bohinj
Lake is located in the heart of the Triglav National Park. Triglav 2,864 m lies on the border between the municipalities Bohinj, Kranjska Gora and Bovec.
In the vicinity of Lake Bohinj you have
- More than 300 km of marked hiking trails
- 22 marked hiking trails
- Mountain huts
- Thematic trails

In the vicinity of Lake Bohinj we recommend the following accommodation:
- Bohinj park Eco hotel ****
- Hotel Jezero ****

Julian Alps / Bled
Bled and its surroundings are not only interesting for the lake, island and castle; on the contrary, there are a number of tiny hidden spots and attractions awaiting a restless spirit.

Two recomended hiking paths:
Lake Bled Walk - 1 hour 15 minutes
This circular walk round Lake Bled is among the most popular walks one can make in the Bled area. The route uses pathways and pavements wherever possible and on the northern shore, it runs along a lakeside road closed to traffic.

1. Bled Castle (601 m) - 20 minutes
Perched on a high rock above the lake, Bled Castle is the most famous and most frequented tourist attraction in Bled. The best way to visit the castle which offers breathtaking views, a renowned museum and an excellent restaurant is on foot, following one of the well-designed walking routes (Walk 1) or from the parking place on its northern side.

In Bled recommend:
- Hotel Kompas ****
- Hotel Lovec ****
- Hotel Jelovica ***
- hotel Krim

Julian Alps / Bovec
Hikers in the Bovec region are captivated by numerous marked high-elevation trails, which are known for their primeval, secluded rocky land and karst phenomena. Kanin has several chasms more than 1,000m deep, the deepest being Čehi II, at 1,544 metres the seventh-deepest known chasm in the world. The upper station of the Kanin circular cable car, at 2,202m, is a great starting point for trips to high mountain areas.

The lowland with its vast forests, blue-green rivers and streams, magnificent waterfalls and gorges is enriched with old homesteads and friendly people and connected to numerous marked theme routes. In the Bovec region hikers can enjoy the blooming colourful meadows and awakening life in spring and summer, and the softness of winds, calm and peacefulness of nature in autumn. Snowshoeing trips are very popular in winter when snow blankets the land. Also available are guided tours. An integral part of the destination is Triglav National Park.

Lovers of lowland trips around Bovec enjoy theme routes such as the Walk of Peace and the Soča River Trail. Following the Walk of Peace, which connects the remains of numerous fortifications, open-air museums and monuments, you learn about the legacy of World War I. If you want to experience it in a special way, go see the 1313 Association performance at the Kluže Fortress. The Soča River Trail, running along the blue-green Soča River and past numerous cultural attractions, runs to the Trenta Valley, at the heart of unspoiled and serene scenery.

In Bovec we recommend:
- Hotel Sanje ob Soci ****
- Hotel Mangart ****

Rogla Pohorje - Maribor
Maribor, with Pohorje on the one side and winegrowing hills on the other, offers numerous possibilities for unforgettable hiking experiences. Here it is easy to walk the whole day or even several days, perhaps even a week or more. You can walk the trail leading through the peaceful ancient forest of Pohorje, among waterfalls and peat bogs. But when walking along the edges of Pohorje and Kozjak, make sure you keep to the wine roads. The trails are attractive year-round. So come anytime and experience the local culinary delights, as well as numerous natural and cultural attractions.

- Along Pohorje trail
- Kozjak trail

Rogla recommend:
- Hotel Natura ****

Slovenian Istria / Portorož - Piran
Piran region can be experienced and enjoyed in a number of ways, and the hiking paths selected for you will acquaint you especially with the area's uniqueness. These paths all lie in direct proximity of your accommodations and you won't need a car, bus or taxi to find them nor a guide to lead you. Safe, non-strenuous and panoramic, these footpaths will lead you through Piran, Portorož, Lucija, Seča, Strunjan and their surroundings.
It is unbelievable how this region becomes even more attractive when seen from another perspective, along paths that are not the regular everyday paths used to get to the beach, to work or to run errands. Despite their proximity to the urban centres of the Piran region, these attractive footpaths will delight you in many places with the extraordinary beauty of Istrian nature, cultural landscapes, tranquillity and a number of other features.

Nor will those who have a bit of the Robinson spirit in them remain unfulfilled. This is an area where your gaze can sweep from Croatian Istria towards the northern Italian coast, to the Slovenian Alps and, dropping to the edge, an area that will leave you amazed. The number of possible combinations of the 10 footpaths throughout the Municipality of Piran is so numerous that you can select new hiking adventures many times over. A walk along the Piran footpaths is something beautiful, refreshing and relaxing. It is like healing medicine and an experience that is sure to brighten your day. It can be used without a prescription and in unlimited quantities.

On Slovenian coast we recommend this tracks:

1. Seaside promenade (13 km)
The longest of the 10 footpaths runs almost entirely along the coast. The close proximity of the sea and views of far off and foreign shores and mountains give this path a special charm. The sea promenade connects all the urban settlements of the Piran area and thus forms the spine of all the other footpaths. The entire path in one direction can be covered in seven hours.

2. Piran footpath (3 km)
This path encircling the town presents Piran in a very special light. This town is extremely photogenic from every perspective. The path is picturesque, undemanding and a little steep only in a few places. Be sure to bring your camera! A walk along this path represents an hour and a half of afternoon relaxation.

3. Portorož footpath (5 km)
The circular path around Portorož is sure to delight even the biggest grouch. You must be careful in two places when crossing the main road, but the remainder, comprising several larger curves where you must take the direction signs into account, is a complete delight. The views, parks, landscape and entertainment are continually changing. This therapy takes slightly less than two hours.

On the Slovenian coast, we recommend:
- Hotels in Portoroz
- Hotels in Strunjan
- Hotels in Piran
- Hotels in Izola




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