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Alta Badia

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Alta Badia

Alta Badia, 130 km best prepared slopes in Alta Badia, Ski in Alta Badia, Trentino-Alto Adige, Italy

Alta badia is situated in a natural basin at the foot of the Sella massif, surrounded by numerous peaks that all have their own unique shape but still have the characteristic jagged shape of the Dolomites. It is certainly the kingdom of the bold peaks that incite adventure, but it is also an enchanted land where the mountains are tinged with pink at dusk and where there is an aura of mystery and magic. It is the silence of its solitary summits and the joy of its laughing peoples. In Alta Badia you can isolate yourself for hours at a time immersed in this unspoilt beauty following the footprints of history or you can dedicate your day to sport or simply to relaxation.

And let´s not forget the joys of the palate that range from local cookery to high class international cuisine.

During the Winter season Alta Badia means foremost ski and snowboard with:

130 km best prepared slopes, 53 modern lifts and a well developed system of snow making facilities direct ski connection to more than 500 km of slopes in the Sella ski area
central position in the Dolomiti Supeski carousel - 450 lifts and 1.220 km of slopes ideal starting position for some of the most beautiful ski excursions in the Dolomites, such as the Sella Ronda, the Skitour of the First World War and the ski excursion to the Marmolada glacier

Prices for ski passes for the season 2017/2018:

- day ski pass:
€ 54 / day (adults)
€ 38 / day (youth)

- 6 - day ski pass - (with photo) - consecutive days:
273 EUR (adults)
191 EUR (youth)


Ski pists
Easy70km (54%)
Middle52km (40%)
Hard8km (6%)

Chair lift

Ski Pass - Dolomiti super ski

season A: 26.11.2022-24.12.2022  26.12.2022-24.12.2022  
ski pass typeadultsyouthsenior
1 daily ticket63.00€44.00€57.00€
2 daily ticket124.00€87.00€112.00€
3 daily ticket180.00€126.00€162.00€
4 daily ticket231.00€162.00€208.00€
5 daily ticket276.00€194.00€249.00€
6 daily ticket317.00€222.00€286.00€
7 daily ticket337.00€236.00€303.00€

season B: 25.12.2022-07.01.2023  29.01.2023-18.03.2023  
ski pass typeadultsyouthsenior
1 daily ticket74.00€52.00€56.00€
2 daily ticket146.00€102.00€110.00€
3 daily ticket212.00€149.00€160.00€
4 daily ticket272.00€190.00€205.00€
5 daily ticket325.00€228.00€245.00€
6 daily ticket373.00€261.00€282.00€
7 daily ticket396.00€277.00€299.00€

season C: 08.01.2023-28.01.2023  19.03.2023-25.04.2023  19.03.2023-15.04.2023  
ski pass typeadultsyouthsenior
1 daily ticket66.00€46.00€59.00€
2 daily ticket131.00€92.00€118.00€
3 daily ticket191.00€134.00€172.00€
4 daily ticket244.00€171.00€220.00€
5 daily ticket293.00€205.00€263.00€
6 daily ticket336.00€235.00€302.00€
7 daily ticket356.00€249.00€321.00€

- The end of season date may vary in some valleys. We cannot guarantee that all lifts will be functioning until the end of the season.
- Juniors: born after 26.11.2006
- Seniors: born before 26.11.1957

Children until 8 years (born after 26.11.2014) are entitled to a free skipass for the same period (except season ski passes, Superski Family, 8 days in a season, DTL, value points cards and noon/afternoon tickets) on purchase of a skipass by the adult attendant. This free offer refers to an attendant for each child.

In order to get the reductions for Seniors (S), Juniors (J) or Babies (B) it is necessary to present personally the own identity card in the ski pass sales office (self-certification is not valid), attesting thus the prerequisites for getting the discount.

- We reserve the right to make mistakes in the price list (prices are informative only).


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