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hotel Mangart - till 5 years GRATIS
The small town of Bovec is situated in the far northwestern corner of Slovenia and is the most important centre of tourism in the Soča Valley. Via Kranjska Gora and the Predel Pass, it is a mere 2 hours from Ljubljana, the nation’s capital, 30 minutes from Tarvisio (on the Venice - Salzburg motorway), and an hour from the Italian city of Udine.

Ljubljana 136 km; Kranjska Gora 49 km; 

The easier way to reach our hotel is coming from north via Salzburg-Villach-Tarvisio (Italy), there you have to leave the highway and folow the direction Predil-Bovec. Bovec distant 30 Km from Tarvisio.

The other way coming form Italy, is highway till Udine and than direction Cividale-Kobarid-Bovec. From the exit Udine Sud till Bovec there are 60km. The guests coming form the east usually pass Austria.

Altitude of Bovec: 460 m

if you by ski pas for 7 days you get 2 coupons for day skiing in Arnoldsteinu (Austria 45 km) or Selli Nevei (Italy 25 km) or Selli Nevei (Italy 30 km); paragliding, rafting on the snow, telemark, carving; ski school; ski  bus is already included in the price if you possess ski pas.; indoor pool, sauna i massage (in hotel Kanin);.

SKI RESORT KANIN: (1.600 - 2.300m)


A new cableway needs to be constructed as does a piste connecting both ski centers. All work is to be completed by October 2009, which means that at the beginning of the next skiing season, our guests will be offered twice as many hectares of skiing area.

Artificial snow:

Ski slopes:
15 km (4 km heavy, 5 km medium, 6 km easy)

Name of track Sprava Lenght Track
Veliki graben 2 seat - chairlift 555 m easy
Skripi 3 seat - chairlift 1000 m middle
Podi cable way 100 m easy
Prevala 4 seat - chairlift 1100 m middle

Ski slopes have: one cabine, 3 chairlifts, 1 cable way, in Čezsoča: 2 cable ways, 
5600 skiers on the hour. 
additional offer:
rent and service of ski equipment, skiing in whole snow, paragliding, additional offer, rafting on the snow. 

Accommodation: hotel Alp (210 beds) hotel Kanin (258 beds) apartments Kaninska vas (1360 beds).


The connected ski center will probably be called KANIN–CANIN and will be an example of the first such connection of two ski centers in an area where for most of the previous century there was a strict border dividing two territories of rather different ideologies. What seemed to be a dream – simply skiing across the border (which not so long ago used to be protected by arms) without any mandatory border formalities – is now becoming a reality.

The connected KANIN–CANIN ski center will operate with a single ski pass enabling access from both the Slovenian (Bovec) and Italian (Sella Nevea) sides of the mountain. The KANIN–CANIN ski center will become one of the largest in Slovenia, enabling skiing late in spring due to the high altitude on both sides of the mountain. The pistes will range from 2,300 m a.s.l. on the Slovenian side to 1,100 m a.s.l. in the valley on the Italian side. While the Slovenian side will offer sunbathing and views to the Gulf of Trieste, the Italian side on the northern slopes of Kanin will invite you to experience a winter fairytale. A unique experience. You are invited to share the joy of anticipating the winter 2009/2010 with us.

This is the only ski resort in Slovenia, where ski slopes are located also ower 2000m. Ski season begins in December and lasts till May. Ski resort is located in alpine ambient over the forest line. Because the ski resort is locatec so high slopes are always nice for skiing and not icy. View from the slopes if fantastic and you can see deep in to the alps as in to the Mediterranean.

ski altitude; from 2.300 - 1.140 m

Ski slopes: 30 km

Zahtevnost prog:
-easy 6 km ,
-medium 22 km
-heavy 2 km

Features of the new ropeway (DOPPELMAYR FUNIFOR 100P) connecting both ski centers:
Two gondolas, each for 100 people
- lower station at 1,845 m a.s.l.
- upper station at 2,133 m a.s.l.
- altitude difference: 288 meters
- journey time: 4:34
- capacity: 1,300 people/hr

Prices of ski pass 2009/2010 - KANIN - Sella Nevea

Bovec and its region have contributed the most to the fame of the Soea valley in the tourist market. Bovec has the largest accommodation capacities in the valley; hotels, lodgings, private rooms and camp sites; here you can also find the largest concentration of organizers of sporting programs, for which the valley is well known; above Bovec is the mountain Kanin - the only ski resort in Slovenia where maintained pistes reach above 2000 m. Bovec is an Alpine centre with a tradition stretching back to the times when Trenta poachers guided rich townsfolk on hiking tours through the nearby mountains.

The Bovec region is one vast natural monument. A significant part of the municipality lies inside Triglav National Park, with a modern, well-equipped and extremely useful information centre in the legendary Trenta valley. The source of the river SoËa, one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe, is in the Bovec region. Delightful little lakes lie in the mountains around Bovec, the home of the gold-horned ibex; at Kaninski Podi one can find potholes up to 1000 m deep, among the deepest in the world. The Boka waterfall, which is 106 metres high, is only one of a multitude hidden in the deep Alpine valleys.

There is a rich historical heritage to be discovered at every step; the peace and quiet of the little churches, the awe-inspiring fort of Kluže standing tall above the torrential Koritnica, and the remains of First World War positions which are an eternal reminder of that senseless slaughter. In the town itself one can admire the beauty and originality of the rural architecture - the typical houses of the region and their surroundings, sensitively merging with the landscape, and the old farms in the mountain valleys standing as a monument to endurance and perseverance and to the stamina of the local people.


Source of the River Soča (1050 m):
one of the most beautiful springs in the Alps (secured access).

a wild canyon-like ravine, some 70 - 80 m deep; access via the mouth and the first waterfall

Križ Lakes (Kriška Jezera; 1800 - 2200 m):
three beautiful Alpine lakes on the Križ (Kriški Podi) Plateau, high above Trenta; reached by way of a marked mountain route, via the nearby Pogačnik Lodge (Pogačnikov Dom).

Soča Gorge:
Over the millennia, the Soča has incised many a new river bed. Of these the Velika and Mala Korita Gorges in the Trenta Valley, which lie beside the road either side of the village of Soča, are the most famous.

Predelica Torrent:
a long and deep ravine with plenty of waterfalls - only accessible with suitable equipment and an expert guide.

Prestreljenik Window (Prestreljenikovo okno):
a 6-m wide and 7-m high natural window in the northeastern ridge of Prestreljenik - offering an extremely picturesque and beautiful view; a marked mountain route, the final part of which is quite difficult.

Boka Waterfall:
at 106 m, this is the second largest and certainly one the most magnificent, waterfalls in Slovenia; panoramic route - partially secured.

Kanin Abyss (Kaninska Brezna):
there are a great number of caves and abysses on the karstic Kanin Plateau (Kaninski Podi), among which are the three deepest in Slovenia - Čehi 1278 m, Črnelsko Brezno 1198 m and Skalarjevo Brezno 911 m - which at the same time are some of the deepest in the world; in 1996 the world’s largest subterranean vertical drop was measured in the Vrtiglavica Abyss - 640 m of free fall; these caves are accessible only to the most experienced spelaeologists and explorers.

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ski resort Kanin

Map - connected ski resorts

nova 4 seat chairlift - Prevala

nova 4 seat chairlift- Prevala





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